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New with coloured meshback!

Design by Ballendat


xenium®-net – backrest with net covering

covered with net

xenium®-net represents ergonomics and design. The principle is quite simple: precise form, high functionality and high sitting comfort. You will recognize these characteristics throughout the whole xenium® family.



Individuality and character with more space for choice.

Either black, white, grey, orange, red or turquoise – it is up to you! Set a course with coloured meshback!

Equipment & Functions

  • Synchron mechanism comfort for dynamic sitting, opening angle 30°
  • Office swivel chair with plastic backrest frame, net covering
  • Backrest weight adjustable from 45 to 145 kg
  • Sliding seat
  • Seat inclination adjustment, 0° and 4°
  • Backrest frame height adjustable
  • Weight active castors according to DIN 68131


  • DIN EN 1335
  • NPR 1813
  • Ecologically compatible
  • Ergonomics approved


The design of xenium® is based on the outstanding form and functionality of the back frame. A distinctive appearance is provided by the stylish frame in combination with the outstanding character of the backrest.

xenium® is a family of swivel and visitor chairs that complies with the standards DIN EN 1335 and NPR 1813

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