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duo back®

The original from ROHDE & GRAHL!

Design by Ballendat


xenium-duo back® - The Original

Split backrest, double comfort for your back

xenium–duo back®, the secret of optimal balance between seating and moving, is the office chair that offers long-time outstanding comfort. Due to the split back rest that moves flexibly in all directions, this patented principle has set ergonomic standards for years.

xenium–duo back® offers significant relief for all people who are working seated day after day. The combination of ergonomics and wellness allows for motivated and efficient work. Due to the back rest wings that move separately and independently from each other the seated position is fully supported. Your body remains flexible and movable and unhealthy pressure is avoided. According to proved information the duo back releases the pressure of the back column up to 50% more than standard backrests.

This principle prevents back damages and it is even a help with existing back problems approved by orthopaedists.

Equipment & Functions

  • Synchron tilt mechanism with individually adjustable function
  • Sliding seat, seat tilt mechanism
  • Split backrest is unique world-wide
  • With flexible mounted backrest pads
  • Height adjustable back frame
  • Relief for spinal column up to 50%
  • Weight activated solid double castors according to DIN 68131


  • DIN EN 1335
  • NPR 1813
  • Ecologically compatible
  • Ergonomics approved

We have to move to feel fit.

This requirement became a representative chair with xenium–duo back®. xenium® is the symbiosis of ergonomics and design, based on a great experience and a new vision about ergonomics, business processes and human needs. xenium–duo back® meets the latest and trendsetting standards (DIN/EN 1335 and NPR 1813) and it distinguishes itself through its unique solution in support of the back.

The effect is like a back massage. The result: You feel fit and you sit healthier.

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