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Evolution = Progress

Further development of the duo back® technology.

Design by Ballendat




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mono balance® - Design: M.Ballendat - ALT

Movement means quality of life


Setting standards! The mono balance® builds the bridge from mobility to the high demands of design. The star-designer Prof. Martin Ballendat integrated new ergonomics in knowledge and the patented "balance mechanism" in a slim swivel chair.

Usual office chairs often limit the natural mobility of backrest and spinal column. In contrast the mono balance® makes sure that there is no pain right from the beginning. Due to the innovative design principle of the backrest construction, the mono balance® actively adapts to any movement of the upper part of the body. Not only forwards and backwards but also sidewards and in the direct axis. So the back keeps contact to the backrest and effectively relieves all regions of the spinal columns, irrespective of the sitting posture.

Current findings of the occupational medicine

The unique „balance effect“ supports the complex system of back muscles, spinal column, sacral bone, tail bone, ligaments and intervertebral discs and allows for dynamic sitting without tiring. Due to the permanent torsion of the spinal column, incorrect weight bearings and muscular tensions mainly in the lumbar region are avoided. The spinal discs get stretched and the supply of nutrients and liquidity are improved so that they remain more flexible and vital. For this reason, the development of the "pain memory" for example the dangerous chronic manifestation of back pains can be effectively prevented. The "balance effect" is patented and meets the ergonomic standards NPR 1813 and DIN EN 1335.

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