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K30-Storage System.

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The new K30 storage system

Often it is the small things that make the difference when archiving files, folders etc. This is particularly true for very limited office spaces. For the first time, ROHDE & GRAHL offer a storage and filing system that can do big things in small places.


The successful K40® storage system has been the inspiration for this innovative concept. With one major difference: From the office cabinet across the various models of filing cabinets to open shelves, the K30 series focuses on the most popular types of cabinets.


Despite the optimized dimensions no filing or shelf space is lost. The K30 system brings order into every archive - and creates optimal conditions for work efficiency.


Even in work environments the K30 storage system knows how to point. The workflow can be improved, the office space can be made more generous and people can be given more freedom.


In short, with its K30 system ROHDE & GRAHL help other companies to use limited space efficiently - without compromising on quality.


Small, and great! The K30-storage system:

K40®-quality, 3 mm PP edges, hinges and panel thicknesses
Carcase available in white gray (M14) or anthracite (M97)
Fixed folder height, through carcase without holes
Cross shutter elements with large and clear inside dimensions
Visible rail for cross shutters behind the back of the carcase
Overlaying wing doors for quiet lines
Wide range of surface colours, extras and accessories
Free design options for the front surfaces
GS-certified quality "Made in Germany"

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