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xio® motion duo

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xio® motion duo

The human body is designed for a life in motion. Lack of exercise could lead to long-term health problems. "Screentime" today takes up the largest part of the time in the daily work routine, so that the room for motion in the office is often limited. For us, exercise in the workplace means maintaining the health of your employees and thus the optimum productivity of your company. xio® motion duo makes it quick and easy to switch between sitting or standing work. xio® motion duo offers you different types of height adjustment and height adjustment ranges.


xio® motion duo - offers a suitable, ergonomic and pleasant solution for every working form.

The height adjustment is made by low-noise motors, hand crank adjustment or a tool-free grid height adjustment. The outer frame sides offer maximum legroom on the inside. The motor-driven height adjustment is carried out using the latest generation of motors and controls. These are particularly energy-efficient and durable.


Delivery is partially assembled, only the connection (crossbar) must be installed on site.

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