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xio® motion.

You got the choice:
Choose between T- or C-Footframe


xio® motion M

xio® motion P / R / K

xio® side tables

xio® motion - Details

xio® motion - dynamic working

Design by ROHDE & GRAHL

Today's desk has it all: at the push of a button, the height of the work surface can be flexibly adjusted to the respective work situation. The sit-stand dynamic increases well-being and improves performance. This ensures satisfaction in the office. Modern technology makes it possible. An investment in your health.


xio® motion makes it possible to switch between seated and standing work within 15 seconds. The simple operation and low-noise motors invite you to use the different levels regularly during the day.

xio® motion M

Dynamic working in the most beautiful form. Electrically adjustable in height from 650 to 1300 mm. The perfect symbiosis of technology and sophisticated design.


xio® motion P / R / K

This is flexibility: The height is adjusted by means of a gas lift in the pneumatic version from 700 to 1200 mm. The same applies to the grid adjustment from 650 to 880 mm or the crank adjustment from 650 to 990 mm.





xio® side tables

More than just a small table: the height of the xio® side table is also infinitely adjustable. This means: pneumatically sliding by gas lift from 680 mm to 1180 mm or with a fixed height of 750 mm or a standing height of 1100 mm.

xio® motion - Features:

  • Optimum leg room width due to the construction
  • 4 different telescopic columns
  • 2 column profiles
  • elegant and flat runner shapes
  • T- / C-shaped legs
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Height adjustable to standing height
  • Wide range of types, plate shapes and surfaces

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