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K50 - Modular construction system

K50 grows with the
Requirements of
modern working
with dynamic development.



Modular construction system

An ideal storage solution for flexible and dynamic working environments The modular storage space system K50 grows with the requirements of modern working environments from individual workstations, via from project teams to open-plan offices.

Creative space planning


With a little creativity, the K50 modules can be converted into extraordinary cabinet walls without tools, "damage-free" and without drilling, and at any time. The individual cabinets are stacked on top of each other "like building blocks" by means of a special locking pin. All corps are dowelled, glued and with grooved rear wall ready for installation. The adjustable steel base can also be easily mounted or dismantled under each element (also retrofitted) if required. No trained assembly personnel is required for assembly.

Modular cabinet system

The body back walls of the individual elements can be selected in materiality and colour: melamine, whiteboard, acoustics or coloured satinised plexiglass. All corps can be rotated 180° horizontally at any time. This opens up the possibility of double-sided use. K50 offers various possibilities for flexible and dynamic working environments. In order to meet the requirements of today's modern working environments, the cabinet modules can be extended from individual workstations to open-plan offices.


  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly with a system without trained personnel
  • K40® quality, with 3 mm edge, hinges and panel thicknesses
  • Fixed-optimised folder height, due to body without perforation grid
  • Large selection of surface colours, extras and accessories
  • Proposing hinged doors, for calm lines
  • The elements are stacked on top of each other like "building blocks"
  • Free design options for the rear walls
  • All bodies can be rotated horizontally by 180

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