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horizontal and vertical movements!


xenium-freework®: Multidimensional!

Dynamic course of motions

xenium-freework® is a family of swivel chairs that complies with the standard DIN EN 1335. The model types are developed for different functional areas and so xenium® is available for a wide variety of uses such as offices, reception areas, meeting and conference rooms.

The pending mechanism provides a multidimensional course of motions that is controlled by your own motor function and transformed into horizontal and vertical movements.

Equipment & functions

  • Type 14, pending mechanism
  • weight adjustment is individually adjustable via turning knob from 45 to 125 kg
  • sliding seat type, 100 mm adjustment range,
  • height adjustment range 110mm, continously lockable with shock absorbent system
  • height adjustable back rest frame
  • available with 2D und 3D arm rest

Available with Back rest frame

  • xenium®-classic with upholstered front, bottom section with mesh fabric
  • xenium®-net with net covering
  • xenium-duo back® split back rest, with edge detail in mesh fabric
  • xenium®-comfort with upholstered bottom section, upholstered back rest

Free moving space to all directions

The unique freework®-mechanism guarantees more movement in the office. The dynamic is open in all directions and releases the back. Who ever is sitting like this, works naturally dynamic and the body is always in motion.

Our xenium-freework®-technology is flexible in all directions. In contrast to conventional seating concepts, the xenium-freework® models support not only the mobility forwards or when leaning back. The sphere of action meets 360 degrees as it should be naturally. The necessary support creates the chair individually and optimally for the adjusted weight. The effect is immediately perceptible. The multidimensional movements stimulate the circulation of the intervertebral discs, strengthen the locomotor system at all levels and pass back their task imperceptibly to the support muscles. The back is working smoother. Neck and back say thank you!


  • DIN EN 1335
  • Ecologically compatible
  • Ergonomics approved

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