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Evolution is progress

Further development of the duo back® technology.

Design by Ballendat




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duo-back balance® visitor chair

duo-back balance® - Design: M.Ballendat

Movement is quality of life.

The innovative duo-back balance® is a reinterpretation of the unique and well-established duo-back® concept from ROHDE & GRAHL and the multiple award-winning designer Martin Ballendat. Thus, they define the benchmark of ergonomic seating one more time.

A revolutionary functional principle along with demanding design of timeless modernity: With the duo-back balance® you will experience the new dimension of mobility – directly at your workplace.

duo back® – a term known worldwide.

For more than 20 years ROHDE & GRAHL has been setting the benchmark for ergonomic and dynamic seating by the duo back® concept. The principle of the split flexible backrest has become the epitome of function-orientated design and ergonomics in the range of office furniture in Europe, in the US and in Far East.

Therefore, it is obvious that back care centres, orthopaedists and health insurance funds emphatically recommend the duo back® concept.

Is it possible to improve something nearly perfect? The duo-back balance® is the answer. The division of the backrest in two parts is consistently pursued in the connection of back frame and seat. The result: more freedom when sitting and better support of the back at a greater mobility.

The balance effect - Perfect support


Usual office chairs often limit the natural mobility of backrest and spinal column. Because of the innovative design principle of the backrest wings, the duo-back balance® actively adapts to any move- ment of the upper part of the body. Not only forwards and backwards but also sideward and in the direct axis.

The unique balance effect supports the complex system of back muscles, spinal column, sacral bone, tail bone, ligaments and intervertebral discs and allows for dynamic sitting without tiring. Due to the permanent torsion of the spinal column, incorrect weight bearings and muscular tensions mainly in the lumbar region are avoided. And so the dangerous chronic manifestation of back pains can be effectively prevented.

duo-back® effect

As with the duo back® the two backrest connectors are mounted individually flexible and so they can grasp the back and follow each movement smoothly and supportively. The back keeps contact to the backrest and effectively relieves all regions of the spinal columns irrespective of the sitting posture.


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