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Control center technology

Control center technology and ergonomics on 24-hour-workplace.


CX 24/7 - Control center rethought

Everything under control

In cooperation with the architectural firm „Van Mourik“ ROHDE & GRAHL has developed an innovative solution for the Dutch’s Police „Comand and Control Center“. The core of this ambitious project was the design of a completely new and revolutionary desktop chair which is characterized particularly by its ergonomic features.


The CX 24/7 is based on a meticulous analysis of the workplace

In many ways the CX 24/7 is a unique piece of furniture: Due to innovative materials and a precise integration of all technical components, such as monitors, cables and LED lighting it characterizes the theme console technology in an absolutely novel way.

Friendly control station - regardless of body size

For a virtually silent change from sitting to standing the height is electronically adjustable. At the beginning every new shift the depth of the table can also be adjusted individually to meet ergonomic requirements.

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