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Brochures / Manuals

SWF Scroll through our documents online and get an overview. Feel free to download the PDF file.

Seating Workstations / Furniture Conference / Meeting   General Prospects
leerxenium® family leerOffice furniture collection leertessara / tessara trendline®   leerUPSTREAM 01/2014
leerSeating furniture 2016 leerconvenio leermeeting points   leerUPSTREAM 02/2015
leerixo® leerxio® trendline     leerNowy Styl Group - CODE
leerArthrodesis Chair leerK30     leerNSG - Global Partner
leervote® leerOverview K40®     leer Rohde & Grahl Sustainability 2015/2016
leerUpholster materials 2013 leerControl centre CX 24/7      
leerBalance family leerSurfaces      
  leerxio® / xio® move      
operator 24 operator 24        
leer Stain colours        
Ergonomics Flyer Ergonomics flyer        
Operating instructions        
leer vote® leer xio® move (KA) leer telos®    
leer ixo® leer xio® move manual      
leer xenium®-basic        
leer xenium®        
leer xenium-freework®        
leer xenium®-conference        
leer x-cross®, x-go!®, vote®        
leer alero® KA = Brief instruction      
leer operator 24        
leer mono balance®        
leer duo-back balance®        
leer duo back® 11+12        
leer mediTre        
leer xpendo®        
leer ergonom (KA)        
leer Arthrodesis chair (KA)        
leer Teacher-/cashier chair (KA)        

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