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New Products from NowyStylGroup

Milan 2017: Joyfulness and imagination

The work style in an office is changing rapidly. In order to respond to the change, new interior arrangement concepts focused on people's needs (so-called anthropo-design) are coming into being. Employers are paying greater attention to employees' needs, since they know the success of their companies depends on their employees' creativity and efficiency. The organisers of the fair in Milan encourage exhibitors to show forward-thinking and present solutions adjusted to the modern workplace – the so-called workplace 3.0. How will Nowy Styl Group respond to this challenge?

A sense of joy at work

- With our stand, we would like to make reference to the fair's motto "Joyful sense at work" and show that there is something childlike in each of us. It is the youngest who have exceptional imaginations; these can also be very useful at work. Moreover, it is children who can truly enjoy life. Why don't we improve our working day with a few little pleasures, such as drinking refreshing lemonade or sitting on a swing? This can stimulate creativity and have a positive influence on people's efficiency at work. Nowadays we have a wide range of arrangement possibilities, enabling us to arrange offices in an interesting way
– says Sławomira Rzepkowska who is responsible for arranging Nowy Styl Group's stand at the fair in Milan. Visitors will be invited to make use of the most cutting-edge modern technology. Using special glasses, they will move into a virtual office where they will be able to change arrangements, furniture colours and systems, walk freely around an open space, or sit in a comfortable armchair in a managerial office. The #OfficeVR application was presented for the first time during last year's ORGATEC fair in Cologne, with unanimous positive feedback. It has since been improved: the company has added new furniture and functionalities.

A multitude of solutions

At 320 m² stand Nowy Styl Group will present many solutions, including: Play&Work desks with height adjustment, which allow employees to adopt both sitting and standing positions (designed by WertelOberfell); Xenium duo back chairs (designed by Martin Ballendat); Sitag Wave chairs with intuitive adjustment, which ensure perfect spine support while looking very attractive (designed by UliWitzig); the Navigo chair, which provides proof that ergonomic products can also be exceptionally comfortable (designed by Oscar Buffon); Tauko chairs, which make reference to the design from the 60s and warm up the office space (designed by Przemysław Mac Stopa); modular tables from the same line, which can be arranged in different configurations, thanks to their shapes; the Tepee system, which helps to isolate employees visually and acoustically from people working in an open space, allowing them to perform tasks that require concentration or hold effective meetings within a small team (designed by Hilary Birkbeck); colourful Tapa pouffes, which can be freely arranged according to the user's preferences (designed by Mac Stopa); Levitate desks, which make reference to the homeoffice design trend (designed by the famous pair WertelOberfell).

To hit the target

Nowy Styl Group offers not only products that ensure inspiring interior arrangement, but also services carried out by experts who can advise clients on how to arrange an office space that will support employees in performing various tasks – Clients' awareness of the huge influence the work environment exerts on their companies' business results is growing. Nowadays, one of the most in-demand competences they look for is innovation. Innovative ideas often come into being when people work in a team, even at informal meetings. That's why, we pay particular attention to the communication zone during the workshops we organise in different companies. No fewer than 9 out of the 15 defined zones are connected with the communication area. Different types of creative rooms, small meeting zones, or rooms for holding brainstorming sessions can be designed using stimulating colours and non-standard furniture. Seldom can we come up with valuable ideas when sitting at a desk – says Karolina Manikowska, Workplace Research and Consulting Director. – The methods we use in defining what type of space will be suitable for a particular client are often creative as well. We have experience in organising workshops, e.g. Design Thinking workshops, during which models of an employee-friendly workspace are created. Interviews with the managerial staff are also extremely useful since they help us identify the tasks employees perform and adjust specific types of space to them ‒ she concludes. When designing interiors, Nowy Styl Group takes into consideration employees' needs, space conditions, and the business processes that are realised in a particular company. Only a combination of these three elements can bring the most optimal results. The Group highlights their competences in the field with the motto "We KNOW HOW to #MakeYourSpace." At the fair in Milan, Nowy Styl Group will present not only products, but also specific solutions that are worth implementing in communication, concentration and relaxation areas. Nowy Styl Group's stand no. A11 B08 will be located in the hall no. 24.

Workplace3.0/SaloneUfficio is part of the international
Salone del Mobile fair. Only companies that have been invited by the organisers can exhibit there. It will be the second time our company participates in the fair, held in the capital of Italian design. Our furniture will also be part of an artistic installation of the Interni press office designed by Przemysław Mac Stopa within the Milan Design Week. The "Material‒Immaterial" exhibition can be seen on 3‒15 April.

You will find up-to-date reports from the event on the Nowy Styl Group's social media channels with the hashtag #MakeYourSpace.

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