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Steyerberg-Voigtei, Germany - 15.10.2012

Often just little things make the difference. With vote ROHDE & GRAHL now made a coup.

The new chair family- exclusively designed for ROHDE & GRAHL by star designer Daniel Figueroa- explores completely new territory in terms of design, material and functionality. Particular attention is paid here to the strikingly flat built synchronous mechanism and the innovative 3D engineered fabric of the backrest cover. The precise workmanship of the material enables completely novel design approaches.

The highlight: the deliberate combination of yarn guide elements with 3D technology. At each point of the product is a partially different strength or elasticity - a flexible machine control allowing a maximum of flexibility. This innovative 3D mesh points clear in terms of economic and environmental sustainability. By choosing the new process technology you can save up to 30 % material over conventional textile material production and meet all environmental standards.

The typical ROHDE & GRAHL split backrest provides a novel sitting sensation and represents the evolution of currently available chair concepts. With vote ROHDE & GRAHL proves once more that visual aesthetics and functional ergonomics can work hand in hand. “State of the Art”.

There are currently three models available:

    1. vote shell (upholstered)
    2. vote frame (meshback)
    3. vote twin back (upholstered split back)

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