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Acoustic Room Solutions

From Kurt Tucholsky coined the witticism „Din is the noise of others“.

The acoustic climate is crucial for the performance of the human resources of any business. This is a problem that costs businesses billions every year because the workforces can work much less efficiently, not to mention the increase in illness, simply due to noise pollution in the workplace.

The occurrence of people coming together and communicating is never silent. To work in a fully concentrated manner it is essential to have an acoustically peaceful environment. This is why legislation was passed in 2004 for the so-called "Audibility" including office spaces and the duty to introduce a significant increase in the corresponding acoustic measures. Current trends in architecture as well as rationalization of production processes and  building use lead to a constantly  stronger seal in the occupancy. Also the rise in the usage of sound reflective surfaces in buildings and facades today provide incredibly high expectations in the development in acoustic, ergonomic, more effective, communication stimulating solutions.

Effective acoustic planning is therefore an integral component to the setup planning of the office designer and manufacturer ROHDE & GRAHL. The goal is maximal capacity with maximal end user satisfaction, crossed with cost effective investment and higher flexibility in the future. The usual measures are no longer enough to handle an above average volume of communication. This is where special high performance absorbers come into play, that are structurally sound, can be built with high aesthetic value and transparent, room structures without doors can still provide the best possible acoustic working situations. However ROHDE & GRAHL are the leaders and main innovators in the field of furniture integrated acoustic solutions. Newly developed fiber-foam micro capillaries (WAX technology) can be used to as construction materia, definition or a coating for a back board or a sliding door component on cabinet furniture; this reaches levels of absorption unknown until now. Also noteworthy is that these acoustic solutions can be built in after complete installation of an office and are not invasive in any way at all. This was the office arrangement stays flexible and free from investment in building work.

„Big customers constantly choose the surface concept over all the alternatives for their project with ROHDE & GRAHL furniture.“ Says Matthias Jaenecke, General Manager of  ROHDE & GRAHL GmbH. „The intelligent acoustic concepts, intertwined with surface optimization solutions, are in the end more economical for our customers as the acquisition of an allegedly more affordable model from leading competitors, where no acoustic concept is available.“ ROHDE & GRAHL see a massive advantage in the consistent implementation of the complete integrated acoustic solutions. At ROHDE & GRAHL in Voigtei, customers can experience a 400sqm acoustic exhibition, how modern, top-of-the-range acoustic solutions work when configured to work together. This brings trust from our customers, and gives the planning security in return. We would love to advise you further on all of the possibilities of the ROHDE & GRAHL acoustic solutions planning.

This was made available in a specialist article from Mensch & Büro issue 5/2011.

Technical report for download

Double page of "Mensch&Büro" 5/2011 (PDF)

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