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Swivel chairs

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vote® shell
ixo® - The office chair for everyone.
xenium-freework® swivel chair
xenium®-net Swivel chair - with mesh
x-go!® swivel partner
mediTre swivel chair - with 3 part backrest
vote twin-back®
mono balance® swivel chair
xenium-duo back® swivel chair - with split backrest
xenium®-comfort - management swivel chair
alero® swivel chair
vote® frame
duo-back balance® swivel chair - with split backrest
xenium®-basic swivel chair - basic model
xenium®-conference swivel chair - management swivel chair
xpendo® swivel chairs - universal principle!
vote® frame+
easySit swivel chair
xenium®-classic swivel chair - emotional ergonomics
xenium x-cross® - now particularly versatile
duo back® 11+12 swivel chair - The Original


Swivel chairs

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