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Unique projects for the perfect appearance and performance.

The perfect symbiosis of ergonomics, functionality and design. As individual as you require.



From the idea to the solution

The exception is the rule where the character of the company – the Corporate Identity – dictates the style of furnishing. Day after day we realise this through the exceptional projects we create.
Whether unique or standard, small or large quantity – our long experience in the realisation of made-to-measure projects makes us your professional and reliable partner.
With a sense of pride we are looking at our reputable customer list. We will follow your needs in the future and we will continue to offer the solutions you really need. We are only content if you are content.


Some German references:

Some international references:

ABB, Mannheim
bullet AOK, Hanover
AOK Nord/West, Hamburg
bullet Car Dealership Kühl, Gifhorn
bullet BAYER AG, Leverkusen
bullet Bayrischer Rundfunk, Munich
bullet BGN, Mannheim
bullet Delphi Deutschland GmbH, Wuppertal
bullet Delphi Deutschland GmbH, Düsseldorf
bullet Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt
bullet Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Berlin
bullet EDEKA, Minden-Hanover
bullet Sparda-Banken
bullet Generali
bullet Gerdes & Landwehr, Sulingen
bullet Harting KGaA, Minden
bullet Hessisches Baumanagement, Kassel
bullet IGM, Düsseldorf
bullet Infineon Technologies AG
bullet KV Arztnotrufzentrale, Duisburg
bullet Kali + Salz AG, Kassel
bullet Landeshauptstadt, Düsseldorf
bullet LBS
bullet LZN, Logistikzentrum Niedersachsen
bullet MedVital, Vienna
bullet Melitta, Minden
bullet METRO / Real, Düsseldorf
bullet Mobil
bullet Müller Gruppe, Beimerstetten
bullet ProArbeit
bullet Risius Verlag, Weener
bullet Rossmann
bullet Sparda-Banken
bullet Sparkasse
bullet Stadtverwaltung, Cologne
bullet Techniker Krankenkasse, Hamburg
bullet WABCO GmbH, Hanover
bulletbullet ABB
bullet BAYER AG
bullet ASML Netherlands B.V.
bullet Belastingdienst
bullet Belastingsdienst
bullet Caterpillar Global Mining
bullet Delphi Deutschland GmbH
bullet De Rechtspraak
bullet EMSA, Lissabon
bullet Europäischer Rat, Brüssel
bullet Generali
bullet Imperial Tobacco
bullet Infineon Technologies AG
bullet Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken
bullet Nederlands Kanker Instituut
bullet Novartis Pharma AG
bullet NPM Capital
bullet Politie Haaglanden
bullet Sociale Verzekeringsbank
bullet Technische Unie
bullet Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

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