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The answer is in the mix.

It is quite simple to organize the daily job easier.

World of colours. Let yourself be inspired by the colour selection.

Swing door cabinet/Open shelf

Open for new solutions

The furnishing of today contributes significantly to a better functioning of the daily work in the office. Whether an open shelf or a classic swing door cabinet - or a combination of both - K40® makes sure that everything is in perfect order.


Shelves are really multitalented: As free-standing single furniture they visually decentralize the wall areas, structure communication areas or create meeting rooms. Integrated swing doors guarantee more than only invisible storage - they are design elements and also play a large part in the whole visual appearance of a room.

The wide range is characteristic for the K40®-system. Classic fronts in melamine, veneer or the distinctive doors with aluminium frame in combination with different fillings (uni or decor) set individual accents.

Furthermore acoustically effective porosity fronts are available. It has been shown that they have a positive influence on the well-being of the employees.

Bring out the main points

Creative labour needs freedom - especially concerning the working environment. A free development of the mind only works without narrow confines.

The individual furniture solution for everybody - for whom self-realization is a part of everyday life: high quality wood decor with very impressive grain, the combination of colours is perfectly matched and superior workmanship details allow for very room to have a personal touch to reflect your creativity: Let yourself be inspired by the working environment!

In this way the storage space is even turned into a jewel and keeps free your desk for the really important issues.

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