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The drawer cabinets are flexible space wonders, which adapt perfectly to your individual needs.

World of colours. Let yourself be inspired by the colour selection.

Hanging files and drawers

Organizational talent

Efficient working requires a classification system, which creates clarity and structure, to go back to basics. Different materials and colours set accents for the atmospheric environment and surroundings.

Well organised.

We are still far away from the "paperless office" even in the digital age. For motivated and effective work it is essential to have a well-arranged storage of files and documents.

The hanging files and drawers offer a compact, highly efficient and demand-oriented system for suspension files, folders and much more. The convenient handling is in the focus. The drawers are equipped with the comfortable locksystem and automatic retraction. The specialty system technology with telescopic rails ensure stability and reliable, low noised opening.

And: freely positioned in the room they take the functions of counters.


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