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Storage space K40®

Extensive possibilities of surface design.

World of colours. Let yourself be inspired by the colour selection.


Storage space with system

Intelligent storage space systems ensure not only for order: if you arrange back panel and the front of acoustic effect principles, they are also excellent for damping the low or very noisy frequencies in surroundings with middle and scientific communications. Optimally positioned they are efficient as a acoustic ceiling. That is an advantage in modern offices with concrete ceilings.

Cabinets with tambour doors


Plastic tambour door elements with micro-perforated lamellae and internal absorption fleece. The large volume and the back panel which not transmit sound provide for very good absorption of low frequencies. The filling of the cabinets enhanced additionally the absorption coefficient of middle and very noisy frequencies.

Field of application:
Acoustically effective storage space is recommended in medium and large offices and conference rooms to enhance the intelligibility. Low frequencies will be dampened, the sound pressure level drops. As mobile cabinet or trolley it is also suitable for preventing the direct sound in the working area and for the increase of the equivalent absorption area in the room.

Double door-and sliding door-cabinets


Front consisting of light weight top with micro-perforated cover, core material in honeycomb structure with additional acoustic fleece. A broad spectrum of surface designs. Due to the excellent absorption capacity in middle and very noisy frequency range and the equal  absorption behaviour in low frequencies, it has diverse uses.

Field of application:
Preferred in small offices as reflex-sounds-damper at the room-limiting surfaces or free positioned in open-plan-offices with fabric-covered back panel as room-dividing element between the workstations. The intelligibility will enhanced, sound paths and reverberations will be shortened.

High-performance cabinets


Front and back board: frame structure with multi-layered structure of perforated front and internal layer of rotatably areas and damped polyester fleece. The uniquely operating principle provides for a almost entirely sound absorption about the whole frequency area.

Field of application:
The maximum of absorption area in a small room: with high-performed-cabinets of ROHDE & GRAHL in difficult acoustic problem cases can be achieved  convincing results. In small and medium offices they can replace the acoustic ceiling. The intelligibility is increased significantly, a reduction of the sound pressure level as far as 5 dB is possible.

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