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Keeps the spine in form.


Dynamic pelvis support

Quite sit upright without strain-comfortable and healthy!

Working at a desk strains on the muscle groups that need to take care of the upright posture. Tilting the pelvis backwards quickly leads to kyphosis- this one sided disc loads can lead to chronic back pain.


The recommended seat-wedge-effect protects the spine significantly, spinal discs, ligaments as well as back and abdominal muscles are relieved.

The dynamic pelvis support is only available with comfort seating mechanism, sliding seat (Upholstery without mesh side panels) and for the following backrest types:

  • intention upholstery
  • duo back® backrest
  • mesh backrest
  • fully upholstered (xenium® and alero®)

Our extra: sliding seat adjustment.

With the dynamic pelvis support the rear seat is coupled with the backrest and mobile.

Effect: The unhealthy rolling of the pelvis is prevented, and the spine is kept in a medically correct position. At the same time it encourages us to change the sitting position and promotes the by scientists and physicians recommended dynamic-sitting – an effective measure against back problems, trauma of the spine and intervertebral disc disorders.

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