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Technology of control centres

Technical integration and ergonomics at 24-hour workplace.


Control centres – order and clear view

24 hours. 7 days a week.

Clearly organised and ergonomically designed workstations are an absolute must regarding the technology of control centres. All information must be available clearly arranged and ever present. Every unnecessary physiological stress caused by furniture has negative impacts on the power of concentration of the employees.

The 24-hour burden for human, technology and furniture demands special furniture which complies with the latest requirements.
During the planning of control centres we have combined technology and ergonomics to support the human being at work. Our integrated TFT monitor arm systems and the 24-hour chairs are designed for optimal use.

After having examined the operating, ergonomic and economic requirements an individual concept will be developed that incorporates the latest ergonomic standards and provides for the demands on people and technology.
We have know-how and technical facilities to meet all demands. Our long-time experience in the technology of control centres is your advantage.

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